You cannot delete a Kafka message on consumption. Kafka does not have a mechanism to directly delete a message when it is consumed. The closest thing I found at an attempt to do this is this trick but it is untested and by design it will not work on the most recent messages:


In other words, when the confluent-Kafka-Python client makes a fetch request to the Kafka broker it will often download more than one message (in a batch) and caches it locally on the client side. It will then give them to your consumer in a way that is indistinguishable from non-batched requests.

I'm using -K# to tell kafkacat to delimit the key and value  11 Nov 2020 Apache Kafka logically stores your data with the help of Kafka Topics. data message is not ready for Log Compaction. It  7 Jan 2015 Clearing topics in the Kafka messaging system using Python and simple examples for producing and consuming Kafka messages in C# and Python. To delete the topic and consumers, it only takes a couple more  29 Jul 2018 Deleting Kafka topic can be a painful task, as of now the only way to do it, is to ssh into one of the Kafka brokers and execute CLI command. 1 Aug 2018 Kafka is popular because it simplifies working with data streams. Producer: Producers publish messages to Kafka topics.

Kafka delete messages in topic

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1 --config " cleanup.policy=compact" --config "" --config " =100" Only the active segment of a log ca 4 Mar 2020 This wikiHow teaches you how to delete individual sent messages from your side of a Skype conversation on both Skype mobile and the  The key was to set log.cleanup.policy to compact or delete. I had not set this property. Running: kafka-topics --zookeeper --topic topic1 -- describe  A constructive and inclusive social network. To delete all the messages from a Kafka topic, you need to change the retention time of that topic the default retention  The hierarchical topics with wildcard subscriptions provided by PubSub+ let different Apache Kafka Message Routing, Filtering, Ordering they are closed at a given size and a new one started, they are deleted over time by age or da Kafka Delete Topic – Every message Apache Kafka receives stores it in log and by default, it keeps the messages for 168 hrs which is 7 days. To delete the topic or all its messages can be done in several ways and the rest of the article explains these. The easiest way to purge or delete messages in a Kafka topic is by setting the to a low value.

Go to config/ Set “delete.topic.enable=true”; This might take some time to be in actual effect. Next 

A topic in Kafka are Kafka is different from most other message queues in the way it maintains the concept of a “head” of the queue. In traditional message brokers, consumers acknowledge the messages they have processed and the broker deletes them so that all that rem we do the following steps in order to delete the topic - hgpo.llo.prmt.processed but even after 12 hours topics folders still not deleted from /var/kafka/kafka-logs.

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Kafka delete messages in topic

Since the broker 100 is down and currently unavailable the topic deletion has only been recorded in Zookeeper. kafka-configs --zookeeper localhost:2181 \ --entity-type topics \ --entity-name my-topic \ --alter --add-config Then, wait for the brokers to remove the messages with expired retention (that is, all of them). To know if the process is finished, check whether the start offset and end offset are the same.

Why Can't I See "Create Topic" and "Delete Topic" Buttons on the Topic Management Page? Can I View Disk Space Used by a Topic? Can I Add ACL Permissions for Topics? How Do I Create a Topic? Are Periods (.) Allowed in Topic Names?
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Among different options, we will use “–alter” and “–add-config”options to temporarily change the retention policy to 1 sec which will delete all messages from a topic. First, let’s run below kafka-configs.shcommand to get the retention value. Verify if the retention p… 2020-12-30 2020-12-09 bin/ --zookeeper localhost:2181 --delete --topic mytopic If you want to delete that topic permanently, You can use the zookeeper delete command.

Control Center creates internal topics with the current version in use. In Kafka, sometimes topics are marked for deletion. However, even restarting brokers do not delete the topics.
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In the default case, Kafka topics are a stream of messages: [ a:1, b:2, c:3 ] There is no way to change or delete previous messages, except that messages that are too old get deleted after a specified "retention time." Compacted topics provide a very different type of stream, maintaining only the most recent message of a given key.

After reading, the message offset moves to next offset for next message, It does not get deleted immediately after reading.This is one of the difference between Kafka and other JMS based message broker 9.3K views 2021-04-05 Accidentally deleted a topic, but hadn’t set delete.topic.enable in your file, and need to undo the topic deletion? Just delete the topic deletion in Zookeeper! And there you go, your topic is saved!

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28 May 2018 delete topic. bin/ --zookeeper localhost:2181 --delete --topic mytopic How many messages you have in a topic and overall.

This is a guide to Kafka Topic. If required, it is possible to remove Topic level retention time configuration using below command -./bin/ --zookeeper localhost:2181 --alter --topic my-topic --delete-config retention.bytes. Note: Topic level configuration will always override Broker level configurations. Kafka Architecture — Partitions offset. Life without log compact. Kafka offers multiple techniques to delete messages. By default, old log data is discarded after a fixed period of time or when bin/ --zookeeper --delete --topic someTopic For this to work, one has to make sure the delete.topic.enable flag is set to true (check it via Ambari).